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David Haigh reveals the brutal conditions of jail in Dubai

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David Haigh reveals the brutal conditions of jail in Dubai

David Haigh exposed the unjust Emirati legal system and the harsh conditions he suffered from in a Dybai prison.

Writing for the Independent, Haigh recounts his time in prison as nothing short of ‘hell’.

“I was jailed in Dubai like Jamie Harron – it's worse than you could possibly imagine”, he said.

He went on describing his harrowing experiences of being: “punched, tasered, beaten and raped. The worst of this abuse was perpetrated by the prison guards and police.”

Before his nightmare experience, like anyone going to Dubai, he was lured in by its bright lights and luxurious aesthetic.

He went on: “I had been involved in negotiations to acquire the football club from a United Arab Emirates-based company. This had quickly turned sour and we were forced to initiate legal action against them for breach of contract.

“However, after I flew to Dubai for what I thought was a meeting to resolve outstanding issues, I was arrested and held on fraud and embezzlement criminal charges.”

The British Embassy in Dubai was no help either, failing to protect his rights as a British citizen.

He said: “My first mistake was assuming was that I would find protection from the British Embassy in Dubai…I wrote to them on many occasions requesting that my case be heard, and pleading with them to help stop the torture and abuse. My complaints fell on deaf ears and I was completely ignored.”

Haigh finished his article talking about the system of the Gulf country:  “After all the UAE has already been criticised over its role in boycotting Qatar, and it will not want to risk more bad publicity…but what about the thousands of people who don’t get media attention?  If the judicial system is so flawed, why does the UAE not take steps to fix it permanently? My view is that it is because it perfectly suits local businesses to keep control over the police and judicial system.”


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