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ICFUAE | International Campaign For Freedom in the UAE
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Join the Tweetstorm to #FreeAhmed

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Join the Tweetstorm to #FreeAhmed

Rights activists are scheduled to launch a tweetstorm on September 20, six months after the arbitrary arrest of the Emirati human rights defender Ahmed Mansoor.

The tweet storm is to be kicked off at 8PM UAE time under the hashtag #FreeAhmed.

We are calling on everybody to join this action and demand the release of Ahmed Mansoor using the hashtag #FreeAhmed.

For this action to have a big effect, It is extremely important that the Tweets are syncronised. If you are in London, post your Tweets at 5PM, for Paris 6PM or if you are in New York 12 noon. Please let your Twitter followers know about this action. Irrespective of the language in which you Tweet, please use the #FreeAhmed haghtag.  

Leading human rights organizations have declared intention to join the campaign including Amnesty International and English Pen.

For more information and further instructions concering this action, please see



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