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ICFUAE | International Campaign For Freedom in the UAE

ICFUAE | International Campaign For Freedom in the UAE

About Us

The International Campaign for Freedom in the United Arab Emirates (ICFUAE) was launched on 17th April 2015 to support political activism and democratic reform in the UAE.

Human Rights

The ICFUAE campaigns for respect for human rights, the release of all political prisoners, an end to torture of those detainees, support for an independent judiciary and support for progress towards a representative elected parliament and overall democratic reform.

The Campaign

The campaign was launched to support the calls for an elected parliamentary body with universal elections and legislative powers for the parliamentary body. The campaign supports those political activists in the UAE and those in exile and works to promote positive calls for political action and democratic reform.


Since the 2011 petition to the Emirati authorities a number of leading human rights activists and defenders, lawyers and social and political activists have been detained and imprisoned for varying sentences. The calls for their better treatment and their release by the UN and leading international NGOs have not been heeded by the UAE authorities and scores of prisoners remain detained.

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